Pills Chills Thrills of a Tin Man


Addicted to restless nights

endless fights


has given me lost memory

I can no longer steal

moments spent in empty rooms

nor can I catch a glimpse of

what I cherished most about


I miss the beauty

your sigh

now, I struggle to share

my vault

of deep emotion

for fear others will know

I am human, a fault

hidden so many years.

I often speak of you

to the birds and trees

they seem to understand

thankful am I

my vision of green and blue

does not void my tongue

of thee.

Pills give me chills

my skin crawls

my breath short

yet I write from my heart

pleased am I

it has not used abort.

At times I penetrate

the paper with my pen

not knowing my strength

seeking to place me

on the page

while my pills curb the rage.

Sometimes I am lost

on a stretch of forbidden highway

where truth is not spoken

nor do friends ride along

where minds of old

collect verses

to discard at a rest area

where they belong.

Sometimes at night I drown

in my own sweat

get chills

as a breeze cools my soul

giving me back words wet

with tears.

Addicted to medicine

to help me cope

sometimes I get curious about

where my thoughts have been

and was I really awake or

merely dreaming again.

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