Not knowing yet

not knowing yet

Down here

where Dante imagined

hell to be

I sip iced tea

not knowing yet

if this is real

for it seems I’ve lost

my ability to feel.

I glance around

see my heart bleeding

my once bright brain

resembles scrambled eggs

as I order a hot & spicy

to warm up the place

not knowing yet

if I’m in the right place.

Down here I’ve found

those words, the ones whispered

misplaced while I was searching

for amazing grace, that one

Oh how sweet the sound

when placed on this page.

Over in the darkest corner

I witness my tears & pain

and wonder why I’m sad

perhaps I’m immune

can’t be weighed down anymore

as I read the chart of my life

the good, the bad.

Down here flames of lust

of yesterdays keep me warm

and I question just what

did it give me in return

other than the knowing

I was the devil himself.

Now I’m disturbed

can’t see my breath

and the scars once on my flesh

have melted away

along with every harsh word

taken to my grave.


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