By the cloud

on a cloud

Shadows of candle flames flickering
on the walls of your dark room
I enter once again to caress
your heart like a rose half bloomed
I listen to your sighs that say
please take me love
I sense your desire as I approach
your heartbeat echoes in my ears
slowly I begin to undress your soul
as I behold the love in your eyes
slowly my fingers explore your fears
I softly embrace you in my arms
as the candles dance in the room
as the moon peeks in the window
your shoulders rise, they fall
as I cup your soul in my hands
now the flames come from you as I
press my lips to yours and know
I have stolen your passion, your glow
forever now you will be controlled
by the cloud of my heart that blows
into your window
your soul..

  One thought on “By the cloud

  1. October 28, 2018 at 4:35 am


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