Words laced
I cannot take this smile
the one on your face that says
My heart smells decay
I paint a picture of years from now
you must not have a mirror
one that tells the truth of how
your lace looks a mess
and something is out of place
Did you rip up the page
the one about loving with heart
so lost gliding above yourself
never looking down
just stopping long enough to say
I’ll not regret giving myself away
to get what I deserve.
Guess my life has taught me
to look deeper than most
so hurt does not sneak up
repeat its self
knowing games are played
and I am just another prey
to be placed in a scrapbook
shared when chips are down.
Laced tongue speaks loud
I remain numb
your syrup just not that sweet
your eyes full of deceit
walk away before I tell you to
for nothing you say will change
the wall around me
the one those like you built
when I was blind and addicted.
Maybe at this moment
a river of peace is rushing
through my veins
the ball of fire in my soul
Nothing more to say


burn baby burn

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