Short conversation


Reasons for this

follow below

it helps my mind to release

on the beaten path I trod

late at night under the moon

giving my heart a break

from the closet

that holds skeletons

along with

a few cautionary thoughts

that trickle onto paper

where they wait to be revised

in an attempt to draft

whatever I feel needs corrected

kinda like taming a pet

or pardner

though I’m perfect

“that was a joke”

you can laugh now!

Just the other day

while sitting in my garage

I noticed the chemicals

on shelves and the floor

then I found myself laughing

as I wrote a poem about

all that I seen and smelled

but only in my mind

for now!

It occurred to me

I had placed myself

in a foreign space

yet created a landscape

plush and full of laughter

while debating to write it down

but decided to prolong those thoughts,ideas

for a cold winter day.

Be sure to check back in December!

The trouble with this

is the keeping on course

as thoughts spill out

onto a blank page

not knowing where the path

or Plath

will lead or end!

Veering off the edge too far

becomes a challenge

for the brain says no

sometimes go

while the fingers adjust to

daylight savings time

and at that precise moment

it becomes clear

I’m lost

and so are you!

Now this is where I submit

a question of sorts

You,THE READER,need answer

Did you notice the specifics?

Did I outline any?

See,veering has taken over

landmarks of words

have been buried beneath

the adventure!

Now,all of a sudden

I seem to have found

some structure

for I stubbed my toe

on the nightstand

and see,I got your attention!

Did you laugh or smile?

Now I shall venture down

memory lane

it resembles the Grand Canyon

for it drops off in some areas

or I’ve simply erased

my hard drive

so as to not write so much

about my first life

as I am enjoying my third one


Sometimes my words resemble

a garden

row after row

I watch them grow

in to ho’s

that I’ll pimp out in winter.

Check back in December!

This afternoon I glanced out

the corner of my eye


maybe it was the square

anyways,I tried to place an image

in my mind to use later

kinda like connect the dots

but in color

but my vision is somewhat blurred

so I chucked that idea

gathered up my canvas

and 6 brushes

before clouds burst open

kinda like a pimple!

Now I’m finding my rhythm

while searching for rhymes

and in case you haven’t noticed

I have no reason either!

I just had another idea,kinda

deciding to let this flow

all the way to the sea

which one

does it matter?

and when I get it back

I’ll be able to write about

a journey I never took!

Perhaps my 2 characters will meet

exchange dialogue

take notes and share with me

all the madness,past and present

so I won’t feel left out

next time we sit down for dinner

or meet at the all night cafe!

Glancing at my schedule for the week

I notice time to spare

on Wednesday,late

so I’ll be able to write about

my muse

if only I knew

which one!

Excuse me for a minute

while I research my scribbled notes

Ah,yes,I found the meaning of love!

mixed in with my shopping list

disguised as chocolate!!

On a recent excursion to Old Town

I met a wonderful woman

painting surrounds and people

and a few dogs

which made me view life

through her eyes

kinda like art!

Well,I’m done rambling,I think


Damn,almost forgot to tell you

about how life strikes me as funny

when I take the time to look around

and under

breathe in air shared by others

then wonder where they’ve been

kinda like coins and paper money

and wish I could trace them

tell the story

in a better than most

best seller book!

On a personal note

this post is not intended

for speed readers or anyone

who has no sense of humor

or cannot read small printed words

perhaps misspelled but maybe

this effort will help someone

perhaps make the day

funny and bright

an experience of sorts!

OK,my fingers are bleeding now

so I best find an ending


burn baby burn

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