Tumbleweed Road


Oh tumbleweed, like me
where shall I be
when night falls like the sun
where shall I awaken
when morning erases dreams
with a stretch of highway waiting
to listen to my weary mind
as heartbeats keep rhythm to time
time I have to sort out
what’s become
of who I use to be
not a relic
with too many rhymes.
I now should think of saving a tree
perhaps hug one
who would really see
or understand
as the highway calls my name
to keep me from insanity
so much to view with time not important
just time to focus and discover
does life really need one purpose
to gently cover
bones and flesh rotting away
day by day.
Oh tumbleweed in me
give me needed strength to succeed
this journey long and unmapped
freedom shall keep me company
as I venture paths, mountains
unknown to me
where my life shall gradually unfold
to be told
later down the tumbleweed road
of life..

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