Letter to Irene, my editor

letter to Irene

Dear Irene:
                     Has been some time since I wrote a letter to ya.I sure hope things are going well for ya up there watching icebergs float by and dreaming of sunshine and wishing the sun would peek out for a few minutes so you could smile with wonder that it did just that.I am writing this here letter with wonderful news and hope that  you will be able to assist me in my decision making process for I sure do need some help with this life changing oppertunity that as been presented to me by a complete strangar whom just sent me an email and I am so excited to share this grate news with you today.A publishing company wants to publish some of my poetry and I am so excited about that idea and they told me they would take care of all the little details and such and for me not to worry or concern myself with the small things for they been doing these things for years now and they make people famous over nite and that I just need to submit my poems and they do the rset.They said they would print up 1000 copies right a way and that when I sign the forms they would send me to ok the deal would make certain that I get about 14 cents a copy  and  I asked them if I could write a forward thingy in the front of the book and give thanks to you and say some thing like this book is decated to my friend Irene and they said sure why not but I would lose some of the royalaties due to taking up an extra page and I said that it would be ok cause without your help I woodn’t have a published book anyways and so I will only be gettin about 12 cents a copy when its published and on the shelfs in where ever they would put them for sale and may be they will ship some over sees and I’ll be a internationol star within a couple weeks and I’ll be certain to send ya one with my autiograpgh and all so you can brag about knowing me and tallling every body thta you helped me a lot with the book of poems and that you are named in the front of the boook cause its dedicatteed to you.Now befor ei forget what I am writting to you about and I am so excited to shaare with you is where do I put an adjectave when it wont fit where I want to put it and which silllyable do I use when I can’t make up my mind as to where or which one should be used and is there a prooper place to use a period after a wile and how many comas do you use when writting a sentense and how many times do you restart a paregraph when you begin to writ sentenses and when should I begin a nothe page when wriitting a book of this nature regarding poetry.I do hope to hare from from you soon regarding this importanat decisions making that I have to make perteyy soon so I hope you will`get back to me as soon as you camn and let me no what I need to do to acheeve this goal of mine and I hope the sun comes out today for you and you smile and think of me for a moment and I reaally thank you for helping me wit this projeect and I look for ward to hearing fro m you soon. With best,Gene
Oh I almost for got to mention thaat I am writing a fiction book thingy and I’ll be asking a few things about it when I get done with it next weak or so but it may take a  little longer than I thought because I cannot make up names you no you have to do that to protejt the innnosent or they couls sue you and then you would have probleems and people always want more money so they can brag abiut what they got and live it up over the edge.I woud like to push them over the edge and let them kno it aint nice to flanut what they got and someday they will be sorry for be ing that way .Anyhoots,write back soon as you can.Gene
damn I al most forgot to mentioon I am workin on a modern flint stone cartune  kinda like hanna and barbara did but a lot funner and I think it might go well efenturelee.I just have to be careful not to infringge on their copyrights and may be seell it on the street corner so they don’t get mad and sue me noing they neded the money too and maybe I’ll change the names and to Gene and Irene like before I print it all up to distribued to the public on the street corner.That publishing company says it costs so much to publish due to having a editoor and chief and prove reader and spell cheecking and thats why I wont get too much for my poems thay will publish for me soon as I get back to them.Thanks Irene.Gene
Geez I al most forgot to tell ya I am working on a poem using some digitel art from some one who said I could use it  for crative porposes and that all I need do is ask for permissson and place a link back to there place and so they can get credit for helping me thru the processs and I think thats a wonderful idea and so I am quiet bust lately with projects and hope to hear from you regarding what you think about  all these plans I have on the board and I no you ARE  busy with other things and all but it woold be quiet helpfull too me if you could atke a minute to read my letter and give me you advice as to what I should do regarding the publishing company and what you think about flint stone and digitil art thingy.I ate refried beans last night and have drunk 8 pots of coffe while writing this letter to you and I think the are about to collide with each other so I best be going…..to the bathroom . Sin cerely Gene. Thank you my friend for taking the time to help me


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