Accept this gift

accept this gift

Accept this gift

I lie down and close my eyes
trying to relax, I let out a sigh
thinking of you helps me relax the mind
I want to travel tonight in my dreams
I close off the noise as I concentrate and breathe
I can feel the weight of my body as my spirit tries to leave.
Then in a flash, my spirit is free.
I am enchanted by how effortless I feel
I have finally done it, this is truly real.
Where shall I go? What shall I see?
I think for a moment
I know where I want to be
you are sleeping but I notice you are in distress
I hear the strength in each beat of your heart
as I lay my head on your chest
you are being haunted, chased in your dreams
running from the past, you let out a scream.
Calmly I speak, calling out to you
stop running my friend
you can’t change the past, there is nothing you can do
accept what is and your demons will disappear
they know where to find you, let me help you this time.
Take your burdens and give them to me
I will carry them for you as long as you need
I will not judge and I will not pry
I am here to bring back your smile
remind you what it felt like to be alive.
So take my hand and I will lead you away
just accept this gift, you are once again safe.


6 Comments on “Accept this gift

  1. Lovely.. all your own and still, it made me think of “I’m your man” By Leonard Cohen.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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