I ponder the feeling of
how it felt to embrace love
beneath the sky full of dreams
just out of reach
it seemed at the time
until my arms opened wide
accepting undescribed emotions
that I could no longer hide.
I began to share my poetry
words upon a thirsty page
discovered myself each night
when my heart recalled
events of the day
that I carried along the way.
As time passed my book of
poetry and life combined
filled quickly and became
strange and silver lined
and brought to light
miscalculations and doubt
along with true love
the jealous force that pushed
my limits to unknown heights
as meaning became cloaked
which caused many fights.
I questioned why
strangers so eager to listen
would believe
and stopped writing for awhile
and scaled back conversations
as though I had the plug
to empty spaces waiting to flood
burst open with blood.
I discovered I held
a lover with each page
more than first believed
which frightened me
to a small degree
as life and love became
a dwelling place it seemed
a pitiful example of

5 Comments on “Reflections

  1. Very interesting and poignant.. It resonates in my own soul/mind/being..and of course, I also adore the lovely, cute picture. šŸ™‚

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