Euphoric high

euphoric high

Often I feel your lips on mine

softest touch upon my skin

and how often I feel an euphoric high

race through my heart again.

Often you spread your wings

my own beautiful butterfly

giving my weary soul a breath

of freedom to fly beside you

in love.

31 Comments on “Euphoric high

  1. Ps. Last nite I changed my whatdoucallit… outlay on blog. I think it is same model as yours, now. I can’t really see it here from my phone but would You tell me, Do You like the new or the old blog-look of mine the best?

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  2. I’m glad we are in accordance, here. πŸ™‚ I do feel guilty, because my cats only have access to a few terraces, not unlimited space outside…and I often think that they feel bored and like they are wasting their lives away.. so the least I can do is to let them catch whatever they can..but I just can’t.. Sometimes, though, it happens anyway.

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      • Ah.. I see one here, right now.. ^_^ These kinds are beautiful. Monarch butterflies.. But the ones we have most of here are the white ones. they are also very poetic, with their pristine, white wings..Sadly, my cat Diablo, caught one the other day..

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      • The Hunter extinct cannot & should not be tamed. Long before our time, survival was a must. Which is why we should now appreciate beauty before our eyes. Thank you, Elisa. 🌻

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      • Yes, that is a wise musing, J. It is! And still, when my cats catch a bird, I cannot stop myself from trying to save the bird. I cannot even stop myself from screaming loudly and wildly.. I know it is mad, but there it is. It is devastating to see the bird caught between the cat’s jaws, and all… You know what I mean?!

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  3. My favorite style of romantic poetry. Tastefully done! Each line eloquent. The line which drew me in…”My weary soul”. Sigh~

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