Sydney smooth, Colorado high

Sydney smooth Colorado high

I’m glued together
duct taped in places
bailing wire and caulk
do the best they can
to make sure I’m complete.

I’ve been accused of
having a soft heart
dangerous mind
for I can at times
take life
make it rhyme.

I’m speaking to you
in ink
to make you think.

So, I’m here
guilty as you please
because of that
I can state facts.

I’m Sydney smooth
Colorado high
your best best
and all purposes
in between
that you crave
to make you complete.

I’m almost deaf
but ain’t dead or dumb
so think twice before
you scorn
for I’m swifter than Taylor
at least in my mind
and Miranda got it wrong
in her song
for it should have been
behind every man is
a woman waiting
to tear him down.

The devil in me
spits out
pronouns and verbs
whatever they are
kinda like herbs.

So my advice is
get in, buckle up
and shut the f**k up
for this is me
my rollercoaster
didn’t force you to buy
a ticket to ride.

All I know for sure
is I’m here
or next door to you
and I heard your sigh
seen you wipe away
tears cried.

Now relax
give me a minute or two
to finish this
transfer almost complete.

There, I’m on your screen
have a nice day

But, do be careful
not to open my cage
or I’ll write a tale
full of unspent rage.

Oh, I should mention
I’ve been known
to dress up words
like a Barbie doll
just to stay connected
to my feminine side
so be careful who
you call a bitch
I’ve got nails.



Miss Daisy was not harmed. I felt this expression of hers fits this long one.

This came about using Sydney smooth conditioner & from living a mile high in Colorado.

Creativity is a stranger that always whispers. I always listen.  🙂


14 Comments on “Sydney smooth, Colorado high

  1. PPS. O now I got it. I am very slow-witted, sometimes. Miss Daisy is your cute dog. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      • How adorable!! 🙂 That’s quite an age for a dog. But a pup at ❤ , you say. That makes me smile blissfully. xx 😀

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  2. Ahh I loved to read this ~ and it’s great. It is impossible for me not to re-read many times, in fact…it is so full of substance and charm and personality- and of course, poetic nerve.. It is like something alive in itself, breathing (fire-breathing). Thanks for sharing your wonderful works.
    Also, it is nice to know more about you in a factual way: That you live in Colorado and use Sydney hair conditioner. I hope you enjoy both. Colorado seems beautiful and fascinating, but I’ve never been there in reality.
    What a lovely, cute dog in the picture. Is this your dog?

    Liked by 2 people

    • (Ps. Forgot to mention that I also love the humor in this piece )


    • Thank you so much for re-reading & breathing in the fire that burns within. I greatly appreciate your comments 🌻❤. Do have a wonderful day/night.., wherever you may be.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks so much, mr Flame. ❤ Likewise to both! 🙂

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      • Ps. The comment slipped away before I had finished. I wanted to say, too, that I am in Scandinavia… 🙂

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