Mr. Entertainer


They waited outside in the rain
to get inside, to see and hear
words spoken from him
about life, love and pain.
He used a dummy in his act
’cause dummies don’t cry
told about how life changed
him to face hard facts.
Life, he said, can be planned
set everything to the tick
of a clock with no hands
but when the alarm sounds
be prepared to switch to sand
for it is impossible to escape
the true grit of what life can
cause, to some degree
without notice or a care.
Then he became silent,
softly said,
love is not an object for display
it is something of a mystery
centuries of love
written, spoken and used, abused
still nothing has clearly defined
what a heart feels or sees
until it’s gone from view
then suddenly you understand.

5 Comments on “Mr. Entertainer

  1. Yes! This poem is really so insightful/wise, and so tender and sorrowful… It is deep and there is a mystery within it which goes beyond the “story”.. It is beautiful..and intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

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