Let’s go back


Let’s go back
back to school, break a few rules
sneak out back under the bleachers
pretend we are teachers
experience the passion of
unbridled love
then do it again, feel skin against skin
’til we get it right, grade A+
as breathing resembles a laborer
working overtime.
Let’s go, time to fly
reach stars, collide as though we wrote
the book on lust
deeper than imagination ever ventured
with trust…

11 Comments on “Let’s go back

      • 🙂 You are so sweet. I always feel inadequade when I am commenting on poetry.. I just don’t think I can do wonderful poetry like yours justice with my clumsy words… ❤
        Yes, it is true..and I am thankful for having been young.. and still feel young , soul-wise / yet also old..lol. I do find, too, that the cliché "Youth arte wasted on the young" is kind of true. ..at least when it comes to myself. I did not appreciate my youth and was very destructive in my management of it., NOW I would be much better at using it in a good way, of course.. 😀

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