Please have a seat


Please have a seat while I try to complete a few lines of poetry, stitch them together like a quilt, with hope they comfort in a moment of need. As I read on a daily basis others posts, some with beauty, some with so much pain, I realize, we all have something to gain, from each other, called love.

This morning arrived, sky gray

mood matching my own

sleep baled, ended up in my own hell

where demons abruptly pounced on

every ounce of strength hidden deep within

trying so much to be alive

but I do cry.

Please, have a seat, I repeat

while I give you a peek inside.

See, when I write, which is quite often

I lack skills, do not know the difference between

adjectives, nouns

or what a metaphor is

I merely write

only degrees I have

are 3 Degrees, singing

When will I see you again,

a thought my heart has each night.

Please, have a seat…


A special thanks to the squirrel for posing & inspiration 🙂

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