Somewhere along the way

to this magical place

a turn was made

directing me straight to me.

Now, keep this in your mind

I listened to Bob (Dylan)

don’t matter where I might go

I just go.

No need to question, sidestep alibis

lodged in a wondering mind

those thoughts clutter ideas

I been working on for years.

I could be wrong, right

but I recall a stop once made

in a truck stop, outside of Memphis,

it was quite late

sitting in a bathroom stall

I noticed a message

call Faith

for a good time.

Religion in a shitty space

face to face

as I scrawled the number on

my pants leg

determined to discover the meaning of


I was breathing hard

when I made my exit outside

searching for a telephone booth

while digging in my pocket for a quarter

thinking Faith doesn’t really cost that much


In the serenity of a phone booth

I dropped my quarter, waited

ring after ring

until finally my religion was restored

with a sweet hello

this is Faith,

how can I bless you?

Now this caught me off guard

had to peddle fast to recover

but in no time I was willing to speak

about me


burn baby burn

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