Chances when I had a cape

on this day in history


On this day in history

I placed those words

that should have been said

on recycled paper instead of

left circling around

in my head.

Often moments glare back

passing a mirror going out

the door to escape

chances when I had a cape.

On this day in history

those words won’t here appear

nor the lost count tears

deep in thought holding a pen

instead of you.



I am The Cure.

Dr. Jay to the rescue.

You got a fever, runny nose
aching body
eyes blurred?

No need to suffer
even bring you a rose
make chicken noodle soup
fluff your pillows
hold your tissue dispenser
what ever is best
for you…

Cycle of

cycle of

The cycle of

swallowing the remaining day

pen in twitching hand

a moment taken to understand

directions life offers on icy signs

speed limit more than a heart can stand.

Close to six-thirty, dark

another day with a lump

lodged in throat from

separating smirks and smiles

while loading the dishwasher

remembering the cycle of





Run fast or slow

breathe in or out

just give the pleasure of

unconditional love.

In our next life

we two shall be

this free.

So run, remind me of

when I was a child

laughing, having fun

not like these days

running from me.

No more

no more

Breaking down, wilting in storms

no more tears

this, this is a whispered plea.

This heart dreams of

painless moments in rain

walks in harmony with nature

hearing nothing but sweet sounds

made to only appease this heart.

No more nightmares

restless screams

I need hope, peace.

feel loved



As life blooms

as memories stir within a soul

offering yet another glimpse

of time spent

rumbling and rambling

tossing aside old hurts

becoming stronger to overcome

disappointments and foolish ones

that could not see beyond

their own fence

while holding hostage another life

that deserved to see smooth

life fresh.

As another day

offers a chance

to escape

spread your wings

soar above strife

take what is yours

don’t hesitate

accept and appreciate

life blooming in a special way.



On a mountain, snow waits

to melt, replenish the plains

a sacrifice for past deeds

where farmers planted seeds

praying for a banner crop

but got a season of resentful heat.

Some prayers go unnoticed

destined to blow away

into realization

like a tumbleweed.


Another beautiful day here,

Temp 30f with light snow/freezing rain mix.

And smiles are free!




Waking to realize

with temporary tears

gone is you

took a temporary heart

that played a fool

got schooled

damn this morning

damn you!

Astounding light

astounding light


astounding light

gave to me hope beyond

discovered a plight

is merely unresolved

until another heart with

wisdom shines bright

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