Bright ink

You offered me your hand I took it not aware of hidden pain to come love blinded me but now I see you were a lesson a disease a clock ticking a sound that brought me down you placed me in a world of black and white shadows tainted me my heart emptied as you… Continue Reading

Just a Fad

Just a fad this life, these visions quickly disappear. Through hands, quickly sifted sand. Then before you know it it’s too late to comprehend. Realization instincts drift with a breeze until softly land in a fickle place without a trace. Determined is life towards judgment day when all dues must be paid in full.

She would settle

Today, just like yesterday she would settle for a smile, moment of your time a whisper how beautiful she is blooming before your very eyes. That’s how love grows so don’t forget to water the seed you planted awhile ago.


Problematic a jour poétique words arranged to explode but not one makes it automatic to center stage. Perhaps my condition prevents a fluid exchange as each line fights not to rhyme. Vaguely I recall burning candles to write but now I depend on a 60 watt to scare off the dark hidden within. I seem… Continue Reading


A time existed when feelings of being obligated surfaced like a breeze soft upon skin until a mighty storm swept everything away on a fateful day when drops of rain washed desire down the drain along with whatever terminology could describe love. Examples of memories Oh, they remain like tornado dreams ripping through this house… Continue Reading

Is this a sign?

Is this a sign? everything is somewhat colorful like dreams, revelations but this could be the beginning of final times before haunted things develop in hues never seen. Perhaps we should pick up our glasses propose a quenched toast welcome the demons & ghosts those that polluted our minds sodomized our morals to keep up… Continue Reading

Here we come

She whispered here we come to me rolling down the highway while I was trying to keep a grip on the steering wheel and life. She whispered let’s go to Vegas do something naughty or nice let the dice decide snake eyes or puppy paws. I noticed she had marble eyes a smile I didn’t recognize… Continue Reading

The Rusty Bones Band

They played music when love was still around and peace filled the air when hopes were down. They packed the stadiums, the backwoods too you had to be listening to hear magical lyrics in your ears they were gifted and shared the view. Perhaps they will return someday lift up our hearts and fill our… Continue Reading

She was from New Belgium

She was from New Belgium brewery I lived in Paris Tennessee she always sent me beer I sent her cheap jewelry made in Japan. At night I wrote poetry by candlelight she spent her time learning Spanish & French so she could better understand my rhymes. She was a door of opportunity I was rusty hinges… Continue Reading