Is this gluten-free?

is this gluten-free

Drooling while asking

is this gluten-free

I answered


just free.

Y’all have a fantastic weekend 🙂


On days when unnoticed

I felt you near

heard your sighs

as you quieted my fears.

Continually I knew daisies

bloomed to comfort

a heart such as mine

and gave to me chances

to share such beauty

with you near.


In other news

This just in,

where is the love?

On the loose, a Llama,

one that writes shorthand, uses commas,

rhymes, anything funny,

since retiring, from courthouse, drama.

This Llama, keeps things in perspective,

intense, in every single way,

makes folks laugh, at trama,

 the truth, while reading crossword puzzles

out loud, on Thursdays.

This Llama, cute in appearance,

please, don’t be deceived,

spends his nights, politically incorrect

texting Obama,

asking, where is the love?

Rhyming Llama

Goslings in training

goslings in training

Early Spring morn

they await training

Mother shall lead them

at least for awhile

until it becomes time

to fly.

Then these goslings shall have

a life of their own

just like humans

except they really can fly!

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