I can’t take it

I can’t take no more it’s just to close to my chest so take away the tests give my heart a reason to walk through puddles instead of jumping through hoops. See, I can’t take it any more counting tears hitting a floor sound of slamming door.

Sitting here

Sitting here this early morn gathering notes from years ago that described emotions and fits of rage of life of love made me ponder what next or have I completed the task of sharing a sudden pang ones that escaped at midnight at daybreak at noon perhaps I have overlooked the joys the surprises the… Continue Reading


Discontinued the juxtaposition of life, love. Like a dishwasher from plates, silverware no longer a feasible match with fast food a flair. Sadly, life is a scream love a dream reality a cross to bear insanity an excuse to say life is unfair. Discontinued while searching for a flower to bloom in a darkened room… Continue Reading


A lesson in every little thing this, this is true I suppose though so often in the hustle of chasing tomorrows endless hues often overlooked is you.

Trotting into

Trotting into scribbled words slightly free, slightly weaned to keep pace with emotions flowing directly to pen with caution, a little pain feeling as though spirit between heart & mind is about to collide. Movement of mythical sirens cause loss of sleep as words appear highlighted on bare walls while listening to Jonny Lang sing… Continue Reading

I gather up Hope

Early this morning, I sat with her on a bench in Martinez Park, listening once more. She was depressed about her failures, uncertain as to what to do. It dawned on me that I was gathering her feelings, her fears, like leaves and placing them in bags to protect her from falling again. She reminds… Continue Reading


Confidence in her petals she bloomed with care making the canvas of life much more beautiful than ever imagined in dreams. Iris, with grace withstood winds of fate held firmly to roots slowly taking shape for all to see as spring arrived offering with her birth life worth living.