Wetness of you

My canvas wet with you. Deciding what color is love makes my brush nervous cause the only color I know is you. I am working on a piece of art that my heart loves with greatness so I need to pray it turns out perfect each and every way. Suddenly I feel your loving touch… Continue Reading


Hope in a small cafe I noticed her eyes flutter like butterflies when conversation turned to her hopes & dreams. As I listened to them awareness of sincerity unfolded. She spoke about ghosts wanting to rehome them so her dreams could develop in hues other than invisible. She confessed to having baggage left by others… Continue Reading


Words laced I cannot take this smile the one on your face that says now. My heart smells decay I paint a picture of years from now you must not have a mirror one that tells the truth of how your lace looks a mess and something is out of place love. Did you rip… Continue Reading

Charmin’ Charlie

Charmin’ Charlie rode into town on a winter night sat tall in the saddle plucked a long stem match from his faded shirt  struck it against his boot let out a sigh as it ignited a fire resembling his desire slowly slid down off his horse blew out the match he used to see the… Continue Reading


  Time goes by unexpectedly. At times other moments it drives you crazy but life, like seasons offers beauty passing by when least expected so keep those eyes alert try not to squint 11/4/16

Focus softly

Focus softly on the life lived slowly breathe in all the backgrounds that enhanced each chance to walk head high as fragments fell that distorted a view of the real you.

Dashboard lights

Dashboard lights turned off to allow twilight a chance to show the way home been gone so damn long these trips becoming hard to accept without you. Placing flowers against stone tells my heart just how lonely life is as I walk back to drive away from heartache but not you,


Again with brush in hand I attempt to paint beauty but find it impossible to stroke such moments so I wisely sigh leave the canvas blank again. Then I decide to use charcoal thinking it shall suffice my urge to capture what my heart wants to show but again I discover my efforts fall short… Continue Reading