in a cookie jar

reminds me

of sweetness


Not once has my hand

been slapped

while loving


Temptation of melting


reminds me of


You are a temptation

a cookie dream





To have has become

To have has become

an obsession.

I witness distant light

of planets so faraway

and stars that twinkle

more than greedy eyes

and wonder

how much is enough

to fill the cup of desire.

I see and hear about perfection

but those who pursue

that stature at any cost

will never bloom as beautiful

as a rose

come early spring

when real beauty awakens

without pay.

I overheard the other day

we no longer fear

burning in hell

too busy hiding dollars

from the tax man

while laughing at those living

in poverty

and so I say

to have has become an


that over time will fade

into oblivion

the dreaded grave

that all the money and power

will not set free

nor make beauty worthwhile.

to have has become

Greedy Goat

The living

Lately I have dreams

of invading strangers sleep

to feel close to living

instead of dying.

Yes, I understand it shall happen

dying is a destiny for all

but it’s the living

I miss.

This chamber I built

to withstand pain

has become anything but

and it’s killing me

to know the mirror doesn’t lie

and these damn chains

aren’t wind chimes!

the living

Creative writing space

Some find it a breeze

to write under the skirt

of a willow tree.

Some need a couple pillows

a comfortable bed

to bring to life


I am a lucky one

doesn’t matter where I be

heart lets go.

creative writing

Crying song


I once wrote a song

that made Nashville cry

I did not mention beer

or whiskey

nor did not mention anything

about love

did me wrong

yet they cried.

I wrote a song

that captured imaginations

lifted spirits high above

gloom and despair

wrote about Jesus,

yes, that one..

Who listens when no one else does

does not judge nor gossip

accepts the burdens

smiles and cares…

jesus fingerpainted

Picture is a finger painting done in less than 5 minutes by, Jared Emerson.

Was remarkable to watch this done!

March 24, 2012


Imagination is a wonderful tool

perhaps each day

it awakens fools

who do not realize

anything is possible

to change.



’twas a few nights before

‘twas a few nights before Christmas

Santa let out a fart
staggered out the door
bottle of Jack in his hands
took  a piss on fresh snow
that felt good.
He went out to the barn
spoke to the reindeer’s
in 7 different languages
told them to eat up
for their duties have changed.
Instead of gifts under the tree
going down a chimney
he instructed them to crap on floors
while he gets high on crack.
Oh jolly man
he’s taken a turn towards reality
ain’t got time to check who’s been
naughty or nice
cause this world has gone to hell
faster than Rudolph
nose bloody from snorting coke
and picture that
on a bottle.
’twas a few nights before Christmas
Santa toked, choked
toked some more
laughed out loud
Merry, Merry
blow me!

No animals were harmed in this poem


Sun worshiper

Oh sun,

how I enjoy your warmth

as leaves continue to fall

a sign Autumn is almost done.

Oh sun, thank you

for your gift

a remarkable one.


He pointed towards the Studebaker

smiled, lit a cigarette

begin to tell

about the times it got him home

sweet home

how it hauled lumber, firewood

got her to the hospital to deliver

their son.

He took a long thoughtful drag

bowed his head looking at the cigarette

stood there, blew smoke rings

gave thanks to the Lord

for so many blessings

with her by his side.

My uncle was a force to be reckoned with

that old Studebaker tough as him

now like him,fading, away

but I remember the strength, tender love

he gave with a hug.

Lord, you take care of him

he’s a Studebaker

give him a worthy rest with her.

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